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Commercial heating-air-conditoning-husky-mascot

AIR SERVICES OF THE CAROLINAS offers comprehensive heating and cooling services for all types of commercial properties from small storefronts to large commercial operations. You can be assured the highly qualified technicians of Air Services will quickly diagnose the malfunctions of your systems.

We offer repair and maintenance of existing units plus replacement and installation of new systems.


Commercial HVAC Repar - Commercial AC Repair Near MeProperly functioning HVAC systems in the Carolinas is vital for both your labor force and your customers. You cannot afford to have one-day operating without the ideal temperature. If your AC is not removing humidity, mold and mildew can occur. Our factory-trained repair technicians can perform the required repairs to get you back into a productive operation.

The complexities of commercial systems

Commercial equipment is designed to handle large multi-zone spaces, maintain heavy heating and cooling loads and operate at extended periods of time. Therefore, the service required to assess the issues of these special units requires a higher level of experience and training.

A dependable system requires periodic evaluations and regular maintenance to run efficiently. Our factory-trained technicians can show you how you can perform this maintenance between service calls to avoid potential problems before they begin.


Contact Air Services to schedule to inspect your system. A few common problems that can affect heavy AC systems are faulty thermostats, incorrect or low refrigerant levels, and leaks. Even dirt and dust can trigger a breakdown of the system.

During our visit, our qualified technicians will inspect your equipment, determine to source of the problem and recommend solutions.  Often times, general maintenance is necessary to restore the unit’s efficiency. If we determine your system may require a replacement of equipment, we will thoroughly explain the process and equipment options that are best suited for your application. We offer next day appointments so your business’ productivity and comfort can quickly resume.


When your heating system malfunctions or shuts down, your contact Air Services to identify the source of the problem. A poorly operating heating system can quickly lead to a loss in productivity and manpower. One technical defect in the unit can easily affect the entire system.

Air Services’ skilled technical team will inspect and identify the problem and restore it through a series of maintenance functions.

If your system is not performing properly, you may need to replace it with a more efficient furnace, boiler, or heat pump. We also offer geothermal heating systems. Let us help you determine the best option that fits your operation, building size, and geographic location. We will work on your budget and offer several finance plans.

Maintenance Plans for Commercial Heating and A/C Systems

Routine maintenance is essential to keep sensitive HVAC system operating efficiently. Air Services offers semi-annual maintenance plans. We inspect and evaluate complex equipment to reduce overworking the system and preventing outages. Routine maintenance also extends the life of the system. Contact us for details on the plans we have available.

Replacement HVAC Systems for Commercial Units

Moisture sensitive equipment in factories and warehouses cannot operate to their full potential with poorly running HVAC systems. Some HVAC systems can actually cause a malfunction or even shut down your equipment Old and outdated systems are simply inefficient and may require replacement. Our skilled technicians perform an evaluation to determine if a replacement of may be on replacing equipment. You can enjoy the benefits of annual energy savings of 20-40% on your utility expenses. Let us show you how you can save annually by replacing your equipment. Special financing options are available.