Preventative Maintenance heating-air-conditoning-husky-mascot

Preventative Maintenance heating-air-conditoning-husky-mascot

Heating & Air Conditioning Seasonal Maintenance Programs

Avoid Expensive AC Repair SurprisesWhen everything is working fine it is easy to forget about your Heating and Air Conditioning System.  But should it fail, it always seems to fail at the most inconvenient possible time; the hottest day of the year; the coldest day of the year.  Or worse yet, relatives or guests for the holidays are on their way for a visit and expected to arrive any minute and the home is completely uncomfortable!

Homeowners hate surprises! Surprise A/C Repairs, or worse, having to replace their heating and cooling system.

Routine preventive maintenance is extremely important to keep your heating and cooling system performing efficiently.  Resolving any problems that might have occurred from the previous season provides peace of mind that your air conditioning or heating system will provide comfort for the humid summers of North & South Carolina and for the winter season. We inspect and evaluate the complex equipment to reduce overworking the system and preventing outages. Routine maintenance also extends the life of the system. Air Services of the Carolinas offers Heating & Air Conditioning Seasonal Maintenance Programs and Precision Tune-ups so Contact us for details on the plans we have available.

Items which are a vital part of your HVAC Seasonal Preventive Maintenance Program:


  1. Observe unit operation
  2. Tighten all electrical connections
  3. Check Amperage
  4. Check Supply Voltage
  5. Check refrigerant pressures
  6. Check filters
  7. Check ambient temperatures
  8. Compressor Inspection
  9. Breaker Inspection
  10. Examine fan & blower motors
  11. Clean condenser coils
  12. Examine contactor points
  13. Check relays & A/C capacitors
  14. Inspect Hi/Low pressure switch
  15. Examine bearings
  16. Check calibration of thermostats
  17. Check for correct temperature drop
  18. Inspect drain line and pan
  19. Flush drain
  20. Check float switch
  21. Add drain tablets if necessary


  1. Observe unit operation
  2. Tighten all electrical connections
  3. Check Amperage
  4. Check Supply Voltage
  5. Inspect breakers
  6. Check filters
  7. Examine fan & blower motors
  8. Check calibration of thermostats
  9. Check correct temperature rise
  10. Examine heating elements
  11. Check Fuses
  12. Inspect fan limit control
  13. Clean pilot, igniter & thermocouple
  14. Inspect gas connections & gas valve
  15. Examine fan controls
  16. Inspect burners/flame
  17. Check limit control
  18. Check gas pressure
  19. Visual inspection of flue pipe
  20. Examine bearings
  21. Provide reports on all units

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