Installation heating-air-conditoning-husky-mascot

Installation heating-air-conditoning-husky-mascot

Air Conditioner Installation, or AC Repair from Air Services

At some point in time, every air conditioning system will either fail, or operate extremely inefficiently. And, when you think it is time to replace your air conditioner. call for a professional heating and air specialist. Let us diagnose your A/C equipment first and give you a written estimate on either a repair or replacement. We offer energy efficient, affordable air conditioner installation.

If you have an air conditioning system or heating unit malfunction, often times it may only require a quick tune-up, repair, basic maintenance, or cleaning, to get resume cooling comfort.

Once you schedule a diagnosis appointment, our certified technicians will determine the cause of the malfunction. Air Services is a reputable firm and will never try to sell you anything you do not need.

System Evaluation for AC Repair or Replacement

Our evaluation team can also determine if your existing equipment is the proper size for your building or home.

Each air conditioner has a rating of energy-efficiency. This rating will indicate how many Btu British Thermal Units, per hour are removed for each watt of power it draws. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is the measure for central air conditioners. You can find these ratings on the Energy Guide Label of all new air conditioner units.

How is the correct size determined for your existing space? Several factors go into the evaluation of unit sizing. For instance, we look at the big picture.

  • How large is your home or building.
  • How many windows and doors are in the cooling space.
  • How does the sun and shade affect your building temperature.
  • How efficient is the existing insulation
  • Are there any air leaks in the roof, windows or doors.
  • Is there excessive moisture encouraging mold growth during humid climates.

Air Services’ skilled technicians can take all these factors and determine the proper size unit that will cool your space with efficiency. Having a unit that is too large for the space is not always better. The system will cycle on and off continuously. This frequent cycling makes indoor temperatures fluctuate and become uncomfortable. A unit that is too small will never meet the demand for the space and will not meet the desired temperature. We’ll determine the AC Unit is the appropriate size for your application. We ensure it is calibrated to provide the most energy-efficient cooling possible.

Why us – When the decision has been made that you do need AC services, contact Air Services of the Carolinas. All work is performed by professional, licensed and certified technicians. Our highly skilled AC technicians will complete the work on your schedule.

These technicians undergo rigorous recurrent training through company-sponsored programs. The hot Carolina summers demand cooling comfort on your schedule. Call us today for fast and efficient service. All Air Services’ technicians are employees of the company and not subcontractors.

Guarantee – Air Services of the Carolinas guarantees you will be happy with the product we provide and the service—guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right. Make the right investment in your AC requirements by calling Air Services. It’s one step closer to the comfort you deserve.